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Saturday, 18 June 2011

Pure Class

Created in the early "noughties" by Robert Steffano and the ACME Rocket Bike Team, this 1955 Velocette Venom based special is still one of my favourite bikes.

Breaking free of the normal styling cues this bike makes a unique statement, blending eclectic styles and influences seamlessly.

Robert says this about the ACME collaboration on his site ;

What was Acme Rocket Bike about anyway?

Acme Rocket Bike was at its core an experiment of sorts, a collaborative exercise. My belief is that within every machinist, painter, mechanic, welder, and fabricator lies an artist. A true craftsman who has spent thousands of hours and many years working in their chosen medium, doing jobs for others, making a living at it, making it their trade. My concept was to combine all of this latent design sense together, to create a hyper-collaborative entity, and to see what would happen. Acme Rocket Bike is what I called this venture, with me in the role of design director and providing the inspiration that would culminate in the kind of beautiful custom bikes that I believed were possible. So these are the bikes we built between 2002 and 2006. Enjoy.

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