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Monday, 13 June 2011

Shaun's latest project

Shaun of Bobbed to the Bone scored this '82 Harris Bonneville the other day. A couple of days after that the motor was out and the roller sold on.

Leaving him with this, a good runner by all accounts so no reason to be poking around in there then, not 'til the winter any way.

The frame front loop came off of "The Bay Of Fools" and the hardtail was scored from The Baron's Speed Shop, the local postie must have been glad to get to Shaun's place as both parts turned up together. A quick session of Big Boy's Lego and this was the state of play, talking to Shaun he has nothing but praise for the fit and finish of the hard tail from Baron's. He also said that this will be head down, no nonsense build that will be done in a matter of weeks!

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